Reversing the Covid Slide with Gooru Navigator

Gooru is working hard with our partners to help reverse COVID-19 related learning loss globally. With Navigator, a personalized GPS for learning, every student can accelerate their learning to overcome losses and reach grade-level proficiency.


COVID Learning Loss


The COVID pandemic has dramatically altered the traditional learning growth path of students as they move through their grade level curriculum. Students attending school may have achieved a full year of gains through one school year. However, many students working remotely, even those who were previously high achievers, are now making slower gains or even losing ground. NWEA MAP research has found that COVID learning loss has been greatest in math, with a loss of 5-10 percentile points.

The education system is now faced with a daunting challenge: how to accelerate learning to bring millions of students back up to grade level in a short period of time? If students just return to school and do the same activities as before, with the same pace of learning growth, they will not be able to overcome the COVID learning loss. The result could be a generation of students who are permanently behind.


Reversing the COVID Slide


The learning loss reported in the NWEA research data is being referred to as the “COVID Slide”, similar to the summer learning loss often referred to as the “Summer Slide”. To assist education providers in reversing the COVID Slide, we have developed a model to identify student learning loss and have established five action items that schools can put in place today.


Our Accelerated Intervention Model


The first step in reversing the Covid Slide is to identify their learning loss. Once this has been established, we can provide them a personalized learning path and a GPS for learning to guide them through our accelerated intervention model. For learners with a high degree of learning loss and/or learners that were already behind pre-Covid, the slope to catch up by January of 2022 will be steep. Remote instructor-led classes and traditional classroom time will not be enough to accelerate this path to proficiency. New strategies will be needed to bring every student up to grade level. To assist education providers in this challenge, we have developed a GPS for learning, Gooru Navigator, that can identify each learner’s location and generate dynamic personalized paths to get them to their learning destinations.

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