Let’s work together to achieve systemic change in your institution

Navigated Learning tackles the complexity around many of the social challenges. Gooru implements Navigated Learning with an open and free Gooru Navigator, a community of practitioners across disciplines and geographies, and a research collaborative that integrates science with practice. Talk to me about how you enhance your practice with Navigated Learning.  

I am working with US K12 schools, Primary Schools in India and S. Africa, Skills Training in the US and India. We are in various stages of planning the implementation of Navigated Learning in diverse spaces such as EyeCare Nursing, Cancer Care training, Tutoring, Skills Training, K12 learning in local languages, and such. Let’s connect to explore how we can support your learners and realize their full potential.

  • I am happy to give a talk to you about tackling social complexity with Navigated Learning.

  • We can plan day-long workshops to get into the details of what it entails to bring Navigated Learning to you.

  • We can together delve into your needs and develop a strategic roadmap for learning.

  • And, of course, we can begin the implementation with open-and-free tools.

Write to me at pram@gooru.org