Prasad Ram

Social justice at scale is what I care about. Technology-led entrepreneurship is what I do. To educate the world is to empower humankind. I love “elegance”: parsimony that leads to plentitude. DNA, Euler’s identity, Randy Pauch’s Last Lecture; Raga system in Indian classical music, and common abstractions (markup, transport, presentation) that power the web, inspire me. Genetic tweaks over surgical fixes are elegant and scale well. I am very optimistic that in this generation we can mobilize the community with innovative technologies and design to achieve social justice for all.

Objectivity, rationale, and data drive the world of technology and business and that is my training. But, events that move me show feelings, intuition and subjectivity. Homogenizing the two is at the heart of overcoming challenges to bring about social justice.

Thank you for stopping by. I am now working at Gooru pursuing a mission to honor the human right to education. “My” ideas are not mine to begin with. They were born in conversations with friends and family often during long, slow walks. Write to me with your ideas at pram@prasadram.com.